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Imaging of osteochondroma: variants and complications with radiologic-pathologic correlation.
Osteochondroma represents the most common bone tumor and is a developmental lesion rather than a true neoplasm. It constitutes 20%-50% of all benign bone tumors and 10%-15% of all bone tumors. ItsExpand
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From the archives of the AFIP: benign musculoskeletal lipomatous lesions.
Benign lipomatous lesions involving soft tissue are common musculoskeletal masses that are classified into nine distinct diagnoses: lipoma, lipomatosis, lipomatosis of nerve, lipoblastoma orExpand
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Bone Formation and Inflammation in Cardiac Valves
BackgroundFor nearly a century, the mechanical failure of calcified heart valves was attributed to a passive degenerative process. Recently, several case reports described bone formation inExpand
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From the archives of AFIP. Imaging of giant cell tumor and giant cell reparative granuloma of bone: radiologic-pathologic correlation.
The radiologic features of giant cell tumor (GCT) and giant cell reparative granuloma (GCRG) of bone often strongly suggest the diagnosis and reflect their pathologic appearance. At radiography, GCTExpand
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From the archives of the AFIP: imaging of primary chondrosarcoma: radiologic-pathologic correlation.
Chondrosarcoma is a malignant tumor that produces cartilage matrix, and lesions that arise de novo are called primary. Primary chondrosarcoma is the third most common primary malignant tumor of bone,Expand
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Chondrosarcoma of the Larynx: A Clinicopathologic Study of 111 Cases With a Review of the Literature
Chondrosarcomas of the larynx are rare tumors accounting for about 0.5% of all laryngeal primary tumors. A total of 111 laryngeal chondrosarcoma cases, diagnosed between 1970 and 1997, were retrievedExpand
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Identification and characterization of calcifying valve cells from human and canine aortic valves.
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY Cardiac valve calcification is the predominant pathology in patients needing valve replacement. The aim of this study was to determine if aortic valve cells calcifyExpand
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Sensory nerve induced inflammation contributes to heterotopic ossification
Heterotopic ossification (HO), or bone formation in soft tissues, is often the result of traumatic injury. Much evidence has linked the release of BMPs (bone morphogenetic proteins) upon injury toExpand
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From the archives of the AFIP. Radiologic spectrum of Paget disease of bone and its complications with pathologic correlation.
Paget disease of bone is a common disorder affecting approximately 3%-4% of the population over 40 years of age. The pathologic abnormality in Paget disease is excessive and abnormal remodeling ofExpand
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Imaging of periosteal osteosarcoma: radiologic-pathologic comparison.
PURPOSE To review the imaging appearance of periosteal osteosarcoma, with pathologic comparison. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data for 40 pathologically confirmed periosteal osteosarcomas wereExpand
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