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Recent advances on membranes and membrane reactors for hydrogen production
Abstract Membranes and membrane reactors for pure hydrogen production are widely investigated not only because of the important application areas of hydrogen, but especially because mechanically andExpand
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Integrated gasification gas combined cycle plant with membrane reactors: Technological and economical analysis
In the present work, the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from the fossil fuel power plant have been considered. The main objective was to analyze the thermodynamic performances and theExpand
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CLC in packed beds using syngas and CuO/Al2O3: Model description and experimental validation
The objective of this work is to study the performance of the oxygen carrier in a packed bed with periodic switching between oxidizing and reducing conditions. In this paper the performance ofExpand
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A simulation study of the steam reforming of methane in a dense tubular membrane reactor
The methane steam reforming reaction has been investigated from a modelling viewpoint, considering the effect of different parameters on methane conversion. For example, considering the influence ofExpand
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Experimental study of the methane steam reforming reaction in a dense Pd/Ag membrane reactor
The reaction of methane steam reforming was carried out in both a traditional reactor (TR) and a membrane reactor (MR). The membrane consisted of a 50-μm-thick pinhole-free palladium/silver alloy. ToExpand
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Techno-economic assessment of membrane assisted fluidized bed reactors for pure H2 production with CO2 capture
Abstract This paper addresses the techno-economic assessment of two membrane-based technologies for H2 production from natural gas, fully integrated with CO2 capture. In the first configuration, aExpand
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Comparison on process efficiency for CLC of syngas operated in packed bed and fluidized bed reactors
Abstract Chemical-looping combustion can be carried either in circulating fluidized bed reactors or in dynamically operated packed bed reactors. In this work, the influence of the reactor selectionExpand
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Development of a novel infrared technique for instantaneous, whole-field, non invasive gas concentration measurements in gas-solid fluidized beds
This work describes the development of a novel experimental technique for instantaneous whole-field, non-invasive gas concentration measurements in a gas–solid fluidized bed with high temporal andExpand
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Chemisorption working capacity and kinetics of CO2 and H2O of hydrotalcite-based adsorbents for sorption-enhanced water-gas-shift applications
Abstract The adsorption behavior of carbon dioxide and water on a K-promoted hydrotalcite based adsorbent has been studied by thermogravimetric analysis with the aim to better understand the kineticExpand
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Membranes for Membrane Reactors: Preparation, Optimization and Selection
A membrane reactor is a device for simultaneously performing a reaction and a membrane-based separation in the same physical device. Therefore, the membrane not only plays the role of a separator,Expand
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