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Transforming gifts into talents: the DMGT as a developmental theory1
The Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) presents the talent development process (P) as the transformation of outstanding natural abilities, or gifts (G), into outstandingExpand
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Giftedness and Talent: Reexamining a Reexamination of the Definitions
In the scientific literature, there is ambiguity in the distinction between the concepts of giftedness and talent. This paper examines several common definitions of these two terms, with particularExpand
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Conceptions of Giftedness: From Gifts to Talents: The DMGT as a Developmental Model
The field of gifted education defines its special population around two key concepts: giftedness and talent. Using the entries for these two terms in the Subject Index of the first edition of thisExpand
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The DMGT: Changes Within, Beneath, and Beyond
This article begins with a brief survey of the recent update of the Differentiating Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT). The DMGT defines talent development as the transformation of outstandingExpand
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Academic Talent Development and the Equity Issue in Gifted Education 1
The equity issue with regard to the under representation of socioeconomically and ethnically disadvantaged students in gifted education has its source in judgments of unfair identification practices.Expand
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Building gifts into talents : Overview of the DMGT
When the two terms are differentiated, the distinction may take many forms. Some apply the term 'gifted' to high cognitive abilities, and the term 'talented' to all other forms of excellence (e.g.,Expand
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From giftedness to talent: A developmental model and its impact on the language of the field
The present text addresses the laxity in terminology that afflicts our field, especially the definitions of our two central constructs: giftedness and talent. A differentiated model is proposed,Expand
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Ten Commandments for Academic Talent Development
This article describes a set of 10 positively stated commandments designed to guide professionals responsible for the academic talent development of K-12 students. The first four targetExpand
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