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A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica
Costa Rica hosts an avifauna of more than 830 species. Within two hours drive from San Jose, one can see quetzals in highland forests, antbirds in lowland forests, or shorebirds and ibises inExpand
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The overall objective is to compare the ecological impact of bird-flower coevolution in different geographical areas. However, it is first necessary to define the parameters of such coevolution inExpand
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Evolutionary Precursors of Long-Distance Migration: Resource Availability and Movement Patterns in Neotropical Landbirds
Seasonal movements are common in Neotropical forest birds. Species that engage in the largest movements, altitudinal and intratropical migrants, are predominantly frugivores or nectarivores ofExpand
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Ecology, Flowering Phenology, and Hummingbird Pollination of Some Costa Rican Heliconia Species
Nine hummingbird—pollinated species of Heliconia occur together at Finca La Selva, in the wet Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. In forest habitats, Heliconia clumps (clones) are typically small; inExpand
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Taste Preferences, Color Preferences, and Flower Choice in Hummingbirds
Taste and color preferences have been experimentally demonstrated for a variety of birds, and the literature on food habits of wild birds is enormous, but as yet there is little to tie the twoExpand
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Ecological and Evolutionary Implications of Bird Pollination
This paper addresses the question of how, and under what ecological circumstances, bird pollination will be optimal for a plant, and which or how many of the available nectar-feeding bird speciesExpand
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Temporal Organization of Flowering Among the Hummingbird Foodplants of a Tropical Wet Forest
This paper seeks to elucidate causal factors in the temporal organization of blooming patterns, both within and between years, of a coadapted group of plants sharing a group of pollinators: theExpand
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Patterns in floral nectar characteristics of some bird-visited plant species from Costa Rica
Nectar samples from a wide range of flowers (120 samples, 112 species, 22 families) visited by hummingbirds (subfamilies Phaethorninae and Trochilinae) were collected over a wide range of elevationsExpand
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Aggressive and Courtship Displays of the Male Anna's Hummingbird
-The aggressive and courtship displays and vocalizations of the male Anna’s Hummingbird (Culypte anna) are described in detail, and various types of evidence and observations are used to reconstructExpand
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