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Sizing ocean giants: patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna
Overall, considerable variability in intraspecific size distributions from strongly left- to strongly right-skewed is found and several allometric equations that allow for estimation of total lengths and weights from more easily obtained measurements are provided. Expand
A multi-gene phylogeny of Cephalopoda supports convergent morphological evolution in association with multiple habitat shifts in the marine environment
This study presents the first statistical tests for correlation between convergent traits and habitat in cephalopods to better understand the evolutionary history of characters that are adaptive in benthic or pelagic environments, respectively and supports the hypothesis that habitat has influenced convergent evolution in the marine environment. Expand
Behavior and systematics of cephalopods from Lizard Island, Australia, based on color and body patterns
Based on observations of live animals and a systematic evaluation of preserved specimens, the presence of Octopus ornatus is reported in Australian waters for the first time and the elevation of the subgenus Metasepia to generic status is confirmed. Expand
Life history of Gonatus onyx (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea): deep-sea spawning and post-spawning egg care
The high lipid content of the digestive gland in adult females of this species may provide fuel to support such an extended “brooding” period of the midwater squid Gonatus onyx Young. Expand
Morphological assessment of the Octopus vulgaris species complex evaluated in light of molecular‐based phylogenetic inferences
The hypothesis that multiple O vulgaris‐like species are currently being incorrectly treated under a single species name, O. vulgaris, is supported. Expand
The Southern Ocean: Source and sink?
Many members of the benthic fauna of the Antarctic continental shelf share close phylogenetic relationships to the deep-sea fauna adjacent to Antarctica and in other ocean basins. It has beenExpand