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On the mathematical status of the pseudo-steady state hypothesis of biochemical kinetics☆
Abstract It is shown that the steady state hypothesis commonly introduced into the kinetics of enzyme reactions is the degenerate case in a singular perturbation of the full kinetic equations underExpand
Prescribing Dialysate Bicarbonate Concentrations for Hemodialysis Patients
A rearranged equation of Sargent and Gotch (1) was used to determine dialysate bicarbonate concentrations for hemodialysis patients. Parameters in this equation include an estimate of the acidExpand
Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology—An NSF Perspective
Engineering research related to the life sciences is becoming more important as an increasing number of products from genetic engineering and cell fusion technology reach the market place. NovelExpand
Intercompartmental Fluid Shifts in Hemodialysis Patients
Hemodialysis is a therapeutic procedure for replacing some functions of the natural kidney. As such, it is capable of allowing people with little or no residual kidney function to survive and in someExpand
Continuous culture studies on the biosynthesis of alkaline protease, neutral protease and -amylase by Bacillus subtilis NRRL-B3411.
SUMMARY: The amounts of three catabolite repressible enzymes, alkaline protease, neutral protease and α-amylase, produced by Bacillus subtilis NRRL-B3411 growing in a chemostat, depended on theExpand
A blood gas disequilibrium theory.
Oxygen mass transfer and oxygen respiration rate measurements utilizing fast response oxygen electrodes
Oxygen transfer coefficient and oxygen respiration rate measurements in stirred tank reactors or fermentors have been carried out utilizing currently available dissolved oxygen electrodes. TechniquesExpand
Plasma volume nomograms for use in therapeutic plasma exchange
ABSTRACT: Nomograms have been developed for the convenient estimation of the plasma volumes of patients undergoing therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), based on equations employing height, body weight,Expand
On the accuracy of determining rate constants in enzymatic reactions
Abstract The accuracy of the estimates of parameters in differential equations, when these estimates are made by minimizing the sum of squares of differences between observed and calculated dataExpand