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Calcium-sensing receptor expression and regulation by extracellular calcium in the AtT-20 pituitary cell line.
A 120 kDa, G protein-coupled calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) was recently identified and cloned from bovine parathyroid and rat kidney. We report here that a similar calcium-sensing receptor is alsoExpand
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The reduced responsiveness of cultured bovine parathyroid cells to extracellular Ca2+ is associated with marked reduction in the expression of extracellular Ca(2+)-sensing receptor messenger
PTH secretion from dispersed bovine parathyroid cells maintained in culture becomes progressively less responsive to changes in the extracellular Ca2+ concentration (Ca2+o) over several days. We haveExpand
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The Arts for Whose Children? A Challenge to Educators
Yu’re a caring educator, so you want to make your school a place where students feel good about themselves and others and cherish individuality. You want a place where students feel that it’s safe toExpand
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The Heat Treatment of Fasteners - Tips for Operation
Most heat treat shops (Figure 1) will have at least two different styles of furnaces: high-temperature furnaces that are used for normalizing and austenitizing; and low-temperature furnaces forExpand
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Web Marketing as Free Enterprise Education