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The Dynamics of Joint Consultation
r 10 DEVISE a social organization of industry acceptable to the majority of those employed in it remains one of the essential > . problems of present-day society. In particular, the making ofExpand
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A working model of the solar S-component radio emission
Resultats numeriques d'un modele d'emission pour des sources locales de la composante S du rayonnement radio solaire. Etude de l'influence de la force et de la hauteur echelle des champs magnetiques.Expand
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Conflict Management in the Austrian System of Social Partnership
This paper attempts to explain the functioning of Austrian cooperative bargaining structures in terms of conflict management based upon the social contract. First is a description of the fundamentalExpand
Industrial Relations in Japan — Organizational Patterns and Development Trends
The success story of the Japanese export industry has coloured foreign views of Japanese industrial relations. An ambivalent perspective prevails: the high level of productivity-orientedExpand
Social Partnership and Incomes Policy in Austria
* Professor of Sociology, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, D-4630 Bochum 1, West Germany 102148. Industrial relations in Austria, like any political activity in this country, are strongly shaped by theExpand
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