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3D simulations of supernova remnants evolution including non-linear particle acceleration
If a sizeable fraction of the energy of supernova remnant shocks is channeled into energetic particles (commonly identified with Galactic cosmic rays), then the morphological evolution of theExpand
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On the Structure of the Burst and Afterglow of Gamma-Ray Bursts I
We have recently proposed three paradigms for the theoretical interpretation of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). (1) The relative space–time transformation (RSTT) paradigm emphasizes how the knowledge of theExpand
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Charged particles time-dependent transverse transport
The temporal dependence of the perpendicular transport coefficient of charged particles in magnetostatic turbulence is studied for times smaller than the time needed to charged particles to travelExpand
The Space Environment and Atmospheric Joule Heating of the Habitable Zone Exoplanet TOI700-d
We investigate the space environment conditions near the Earth-size planet TOI~700~d using a set of numerical models for the stellar corona and wind, the planetary magnetosphere, and the planetaryExpand
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Stellar Winds Drive Strong Variations in Exoplanet Evaporative Outflows and Transit Absorption Signatures.
Stellar wind and photon radiation interactions with a planet can cause atmospheric depletion, which may have a potentially catastrophic impact on a planet's habitability. While the implications ofExpand
On the interpretation of the burst structure of grbs
Given the very accurate data from the BATSE experiment and RXTE and Chandra satellites, we use the GRB 991216 as a prototypical case to test the EMBH theory linking the origin of the energy of GRBsExpand
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Theoretical Interpretation of Luminosity and Spectral Properties of GRB 031203
The X and γ-ray observations of the source GRB 031203 by INTEGRAL are interpreted within our theoretical model. In addition to a complete space-time parametrization of the GRB, we specifically assumeExpand
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