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In São Paulo State, Brazil, five males, aged between 8 and 64 years, were attacked by 'Africanized' honey bees (Apis mellifera scutellata). The estimated number of stings received by each patient(More)
The efficacies of specific Bothrops atrox-Lachesis and standard Bothrops-Lachesis antivenoms were compared in the north eastern Amazon region of Brazil. The main aim was to investigate whether a(More)
There are six species of Bothriopsis in Latin America, accidents caused by this genus are unusually reported. A 37-year-old man admitted thirty hours after a snakebite to the emergency department of(More)
Reliability of the simple 20 minute whole blood clotting test (WBCT20) as an indicator of low plasma fibrinogen concentration in patients envenomed by Bothrops snakes. Toxicon 32, 1045-1050, 1994.--A(More)