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Determination of Saturated Values of Rotating Machinery Incremental and Apparent Inductances by an Energy Perturbation Method
Energy and winding current perturbations form the basis of a method for calculation of the saturated apparent and incremental inductances of rotating machinery as functions of rotor position andExpand
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Three Dimensional Finite Element Vector Potential Formulation of Magnetic Fields in Electrical Apparatus
The three dimensional magnetic vector potential (m.v.p.) variational formulation for magnetostatic field problems, with ideal current carrying conductors is given. An appropriate functional wasExpand
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Finite element formulation and analysis of three dimensional magnetic field problems
A three dimensional finite element formulation and algorithm for the solution of 3-d magnetic fields was developed. The method is presented here with applications to determination of local fluxExpand
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Experimental Verification and Application of the Three Dimensional Finite Element Magnetic Vector Potential Method in Electrical Apparatus
The three dimensional magnetic field surrounding an 861 turn coil as well as that surrounding and within a single phase 1.5 kvA shell type transformer were calculated using the three dimensionalExpand
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Dynamic Simulation of Radially Oriented Permanent Magnet-Type Electronically Operated Synchronous Machines with Parameters Obtained from Finite Element Field Solutions
A dynamic model for simulation of the transient interaction between radially oriented permanent magnet-type synchronous machines and their corresponding transistorized current source powerExpand
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Magnetic Field Modeling of Permanent Magnet Type Electronically Operated Synchronous Machines Using Finite Elements
The finite element method is applied to the analysis of electronically operated permanent magnet type synchronous machines. In this class of machines, the armature MMF is a discretely forwardExpand
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Digital simulation of power conditioner-machine interaction for electronically commutated DC permanent magnet machines
The electromagnetic interactions between a transistorized chopper-inverter power conditioner and its associated permanent magnet machine is analyzed digitally by an experimentally verified time domain state model. Expand
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Nonlinear three dimensional magnetic vector potential finite element solution of field problems including experimental verification
In this paper, the three dimensional finite element method previously presented by these authors is applied here, for the first time, to laminated iron core devices with considerable magneticExpand
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Impact of Winding Inductances and Other Parameters on the Design and Performance of Brushless DC Motors
The computer aided design process of two electronically operated brushless dc motors intended for use in electric vehicle propulsion is described. The components of this process are a time domainExpand
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Determination of winding inductances in ferrite type permanent magnet electric machinery by finite elements
A key design factor in ferrite type permanent magnet machines is the accurate knowledge of the values of machine winding inductances during the design stage. In the present paper, a method which isExpand
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