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Determination of nifurpipone in urine.
Nifurpipone (5-nitrofuraldehyde-N′-methylpiperazino-acetylhydrazone) in urine was selectively adsorbed and eluted from cationic resin with methanolic ammonium hydroxide solution. The drug in the
Content uniformity in rectal suppositories.
The performance of official content uniformity specifications declines as method variability increases and an alternative approach for the evaluation and the restriction of content variability, based on the coefficient of variation, may be advantageous in some instances.
Colorimetric determination of amphetamine salts in dosage forms
A colorimetric method for the determination of primary amines has been applied to the assay of amphetamine salts in dosage forms and it is found that this reaction is useful for photometric determinations at 557 nm.
Physicochemical profile of tibezonium iodide.
[Standards of good production. Problems of sampling].