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Between Cult and Culture: Bamiyan, Islamic Iconoclasm, and the Museum
This article uses the recent controversy regarding the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas as a paradigm to challenge essentializing notions of an “Islamic” response to the image. Beginning with a
Objects of Translation: Material Culture and Medieval "Hindu-Muslim" Encounter
Ayrica yazar Islam kulturu ile ilgili modern arastirmacinin kalip yargilarini da degistirmesi gerektigi uzerinde durur. Zannedilenin aksine Islam kulturu, bizzat dinin kurgulanisi geregi bu
The Great Mosque of Damascus: Studies on the Makings of an Umayyad Visual Culture
The celebrated Great Mosque of Damascus was built in the early eighth century by the Umayyad caliph al-Walid b. 'Abd al-Malik. This book provides a detailed study of this Mosque. Using textual,
Lost Histories of a Licit Figural Art
  • F. Flood
  • Art
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 30 July 2013
The idea that theology is either irrelevant to artistic production or “a baleful influence” on its history has recently been critically explored by Jeffrey Hamburger, in relation to medieval
Image against Nature
Although the use of portable amulets and talismans in the pre-modern Islamic world is well documented, little is known about their monumental counterparts. Despite this neglect, references to