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Kinetics of amatoxins in human poisoning: therapeutic implications.
The kinetics of alpha and beta amanitin were studied in 45 patients intoxicated with Amanita Phalloides. The amatoxins were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography in plasma (43 cases),Expand
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When should dialysis be performed in lithium poisoning? A kinetic study in 14 cases of lithium poisoning.
Lithium kinetics were studied in 14 patients with lithium poisoning. Three patients were treated by hemodialysis. Serum lithium peak concentrations ranged between 1.4 and 9.6 mmol/L. The apparentExpand
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Dysgeusia following consumption of pine nuts: More than 3000 cases in France
Introduction. In March 2008, French poison centres (PCs) recorded the first calls reporting persistent bitterness following the ingestion of pine nuts. Methods. The French toxic exposure surveillanceExpand
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Determination of α-amanitin and β-amanitin in human biological fluids by high-performance liquid chromatography
Abstract A high-performance liquid chromatographic assay of α-amanitin and β-amanitin in human serum, urine, or stomach washings is described. Sample preparation involves a chemical step withExpand
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Clinical Features and Management of Poisoning due to Antimalarial Drugs
SummaryThe toxicities of antimalarial drugs vary because of the differences in the chemical structures of these compounds. Quinine, the oldest antimalarial, has been used for 300 years. Of the 200 toExpand
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Screening and characterization of Lactobacillus strains producing large amounts of exopolysaccharides
Abstract A total of 182 Lactobacillus strains were screened for production of extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) by a new method: growth in liquid media with high sugar concentrations. SixtyExpand
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Intoxications aiguës par les champignons supérieurs et leur traitement
Principe Les differents syndromes d'intoxication par champignons sont rappeles avec notamment les elements d'incertitude et les defauts de connaissance. Sont envisages pour chacun des syndromesExpand
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Intoxications d'origine végétale
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Projectile fragmentation of silicon ions at 490 A MeV
Fragmentation cross sections are essential input parameters for propagation calculations which describe the effect of shielding against cosmic ray heavy nuclei by the walls of spacecraft or planetaryExpand
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