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MPEG-4 and H.263 video traces for network performance evaluation
A publicly available library of frame size traces of long MPEG-4 and H.263 encoded videos, generated at the Technical University Berlin are presented and a thorough statistical analysis of the traces are conducted. Expand
Survey on Energy Consumption Entities on the Smartphone Platform
In this survey, the energy consuming entities of a mobile device such as wireless air interfaces, display, mp3 player and others are measured and compared and allow the reader to understand what the energy hungry parts of aMobile device are and use those findings for the design of future mobile protocols and applications. Expand
Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Principles and Applications
This book summarizes the strength of cooperation for upcoming generation of wireless communication systems, clearly motivating the use of cooperative techniques and pointing out that cooperation will become one of the key technologies enabling 4G and beyond. Expand
The Medium is the Message
  • F. Fitzek
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications
  • 11 June 2006
By the example of a wireless spread spectrum system with pseudo-noise spreading sequences, it is reported that a gain of nearly an order of magnitude in terms of capacity can be achieved compared to the standard spread spectrum transmission for a given scenario. Expand
Network Coding for Mobile Devices - Systematic Binary Random Rateless Codes
This paper proposes to base RLNC on the binary Galois field and to use a systematic code to achieve synthetic encoding/decoding throughput of up to 40/30 MB/s on a Nokia N95-8GB mobile phone and 1.5/1.0 GB/son a high end laptop. Expand
Defining 4G technology from the users perspective
This article gives a pragmatic definition of 4G derived from a new user-centric methodology that considers the user as the "cornerstone" of the design and contributes to the identification of the real technical step-up of4G with respect to 3G. Expand
Kodo: An Open and Research Oriented Network Coding Library
This paper introduces the Kodo network coding library, an open source C++ library intended to be used in practical studies of network coding algorithms, and introduces potential users to the goals, the structure, and the use of the library. Expand
On the impact of 2G and 3G network usage for mobile phones' battery life
Results of power and energy consumption measurements conducted on mobile phones for 2G and 3G networks for text messaging and voice services imply that mobile phones should switch the network in dependency of the service used to save the maximum amount of energy. Expand
Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Principles and Applications: Real Egoistic Behavior Is to Cooperate!
This chapter discusses cooperation, competition and Cognition in Wireless Networks with a focus on multi-route Diversity and Multi-user Diversity in Infrastructure-based Multi-hop Networks. Expand