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Solid phase synthesis and conformation of sequential glycosylated polytripeptide sequences related to antifreeze glycoproteins.
Since the glyco-hexapeptide is too short to form an alpha-helix, the hypothesis is made that in the glycopeptides in water at high temperature a small amount of 3(10) helix is formed. Expand
Synthesis of O-glycosylated tuftsins by utilizing threonine derivatives containing an unprotected monosaccharide moiety.
The resulting glycosylated tuftsin derivatives were fully deblocked by catalytic hydrogenation, purified by HPLC, and characterized by optical rotation, amino acid analysis, and 1H NMR. Expand
Helix induction potential of N-terminal α-methyl, α-amino acids
A series of longer analogues of the C-peptide of RNAse A has been synthesized with the aim of assessing the helix induction potential in water of α-methyl, α-amino acids at the N-terminus of theExpand
Synthesis, conformation, and biological activity of the carbohydrate-free vespulakinin 1.
Preliminary pharmacological experiments indicated that carbohydrate-free vespulakinin 1 is more potent than bradykinin in lowering rat blood pressure. Expand
Synthesis of modified tuftsins containing monosaccharides or monosaccharide derivatives.
Glycosylation of the carboxyl function of the C-terminal arginine has been achieved by reacting, through the mixed anhydride procedure, Boc-Thr-Lys(Z)-Pro-OH with 2-deoxy-2-(NG-nitroargininamido)-D-glucopyranose followed by catalytic hydrogenation and trifluoroacetic acid treatment. Expand
Synthesis and biological activity of the mono- and di-galactosyl-vespulakinin 1 analogues.
Preliminary pharmacological experiments showed that the carbohydrate-free vespulakinin 1 is less active than bradykinin when tested by guinea pig rectum contraction, and the two monoglycosylated analogues are equiactive (about 0.9 times the bradykinsin activity). Expand
Modification of the properties of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A by covalent attachment of D-gluconyl-glycine residues.
The modified protein was less sensitive than the native ribonuclease A to attack by chymotrypsin, pepsin and elastase, indicating a protecting effect of the D-gluconyl-glycine units. Expand
Synthesis of glycosylated tuftsins and tuftsin-containing IgG fragment undecapeptide.
Two new tuftsins derivatives containing a 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-D-galactopyranosyl unit alpha- or beta-glycosidically linked to the threonine's hydroxy side chain function and the glycosylated undecapeptide corresponding to the tuftsin region of the heavy chain of IgG are described. Expand
Synthesis and biological activity of tuftsin and rigin derivatives containing monosaccharides or monosaccharide derivatives.
Of all the tested peptides only rigin enhanced the phagocytic capacity of mouse peritoneal macrophages to the same extent as tuftsin, and H-Thr[(alpha + beta)-O-glucosyl]-Lys-Pro-Arg-OH was found to displace 3H-tuftsin even better than tuft sin but lacked the ability to stimulate phagocytes. Expand
Synthesis and biological activity of some linear and cyclic kinin analogues.
Preliminary pharmacological experiments showed that the cyclic kinin analogues are much less potent then bradykinin but still show specific brady Kinin-like actions that support the hypothesis of the presence of a pharmacophore in the centre of the (brady)kinin molecule. Expand