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Transparency and accountability: principles and rules for the construction of publicity
Western countries have experienced a growing demand for accountability as a key element to the democratization of the State. This demand has given rise to an advocacy towards a transparency of StateExpand
Digital Governance and the Tragedy of the Commons
How governance elements are needed to design resilient and adaptive institutions to deal with the problems of the tragedy of the commons in the digital world is discussed. Expand
The State in the 21 st Century
Accountability Systems, Brazil
Institutional development and public control : Analyzing the Brazilian accountability system
This paper aims to analyze the institutional development process of accountability institutions in Brazil. Scholars have identified an incremental development process of horizontal accountabilityExpand
Horizontal Accountability and Corruption Control in Brazil
The central purpose of this paper is to map out the Brazilian web of accountability institutions – how these institutions establish links with each other in order to control and sanction the cases ofExpand
State Corruption, Theoretical Perspectives and Social Process
The Ecosystem of Digital Content Governance
This article aims to explore the current complexity of the global process of online content moderation. The multiple actors with different roles and interests in content moderation form a complexExpand