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Hunting, use and conservation of birds in Northeast Brazil
Brazil has one of the highest avifauna diversities in the world, and many species are used by human populations in many different ways. Capturing wild birds for food, or to raise as pets, or forExpand
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Animal-based folk remedies sold in public markets in Crato and Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil
BackgroundHuman communities consistently develop a detailed knowledge of the therapeutical and medicinal properties of the local flora and fauna, and these folk remedies often substitute medicinesExpand
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Zootherapeutics utilized by residents of the community Poço Dantas, Crato-CE, Brazil
BackgroundAnimals have been used as a source of medicine in Brazil since ancient times, and have played a significant role in healing practices. Specifically in Northeast Brazil, zootherapy is a veryExpand
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The Trade in Medicinal Animals in Northeastern Brazil
Over the centuries, a significant part of the Brazilian fauna is widely sold, more specifically in retail stores or street markets. The objective was to characterize the sale of medicinal animals inExpand
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The trade of medicinal animals in Brazil: current status and perspectives
In cities, the trade of medicinal products derived from animals, especially as raw materials, is concentrated in local and traditional markets. The lack of studies on commercialised medicinal faunasExpand
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Potentiation of aminoglycoside antibiotic activity using the body fat from the snake Boa constrictor
Boa constrictor is widely used in traditional communities in many different folk remedies and products derived from it are sold in public markets throughout northeastern Brazil and as its body fatExpand
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Topical anti-inflammatory activity of body fat from the lizard Tupinambis merianae.
AIM OF THE STUDY Tupinambis merianae is one of the most frequently used animals in traditional medicine in Brazil as its body fat has many different therapeutic indications as a folk remedy. TheExpand
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CineLibras: A Proposal for Automatic Generation and Distribution of Windows of Libras on the Cinema Rooms
In this paper, the main goal of this paper is to identify the main problems faced by deaf people to access information in movie theaters and to propose a solution to better address their requirements. Expand
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High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Diodic Array Detector, Fungistatic, and Anti-Morphogenical Analysis of Extracts from Psidium brownianum Mart. ex DC. Against Yeasts of the Genus Candida
We assessed extracts from Psidium brownianum for antifungal activity and identified the phenolic phytocompounds. Minimum inhibitory concentration was determined by microdilution and IC50 wasExpand
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Conservation of animals traded for medicinal purposes in Brazil: Can products derived from plants or domestic animals replace products of wild animals?
Abstract The use and trade of animals in traditional medicine involves many different species, some of which are threatened with extinction. Thus, evaluating biological and cultural aspectsExpand
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