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Molecular systematics of the Sordariales: the order and the family Lasiosphaeriaceae redefined
The Sordariales is a taxonomically diverse group that has contained from seven to 14 families in recent years. The largest family is the Lasiosphaer-iaceae, which has contained between 33 and 53Expand
Teleomorph-anamorph connections: the new pyrenomycetous genus Carpoligna and its Pleurothecium anamorph
Several collections of a pyrenomycete identified as Chaetosphaeria were made from decor- ticated wood of twigs and branches in Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico and continental USA. Discrete andExpand
Widespread occurrence of spliceosomal introns in the rDNA genes of ascomycetes.
Spliceosomal (pre-mRNA) introns have previously been found in eukaryotic protein-coding genes, in the small nuclear RNAs of some fungi, and in the small- and large-subunit ribosomal DNA genes of aExpand
New species of Chaetosphaeria, Melanopsammella and Tainosphaeria gen. nov. from the Americas
Ten new species of Chaetosphaeria, and one new species of Melanopsammella are described from North temperate and tropical America. The new genus Tainosphaeria is also described and ChaetosphaeriaExpand
Systematics of the genus Chaetosphaeria and its allied genera: morphological and phylogenetic diversity in north temperate and neotropical taxa.
Chaetosphaeria is a common saprobic pyrenomycete genus with simple, homogeneous teleomorphs and complex, diverse anamorphs. As currently circumscribed in the literature, the genus encompasses 30Expand
Molecular systematics of the Coronophorales and new species of Bertia, Lasiobertia and Nitschkia.
The Nitschkiaceae has been placed in the Coronophorales or the Sordariales in recent years. Most recently it was accepted in the Coronophorales and placed in the Hypocreomycetidae based on sequenceExpand
Isolates of Diaporthe phaseolorum varieties caulivora, meridionalis and sojae, and Phomopsis lon- gicolla were grown on various substrates in the labo? ratory and inoculated into soybean plants inExpand
Microcycle Conidiation and Nuclear Behavior During Conidiogenesis in Cercospora Kikuchii
Microcycle conidiation and nuclear events during conidiogenesis in Cercospora kikuchii are described. During conidiogenesis a single nucleus migrates into the conidial initial and subsequently give...
Two pantropical Ascomycetes: Chaetosphaeria cylindrospora sp. nov. and Rimaconus, a new genus for Lasiosphaeria jamaicensis
Abstract Chaetosphaeria cylindrospora and Rimaconus, a new genus for Lasiosphaeria jamaicensis, are described and illustrated. The ascomata of Chaetosphaeria cylindrospora are gregarious, globose toExpand
Paramphisphaeria costaricensis gen. et sp. nov. and Pachytrype rimosa sp. nov. from Costa Rica
Paramphisphaeria is described as a new genus on the basis of the single species, P. costaricensis. It differs from Amphisphaeria spp. primarily in having bicellular ascospores with a germ slit and inExpand