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Plasma protein and soy fiber content effect on bologna sausage properties as influenced by fat level
The effects of plasma protein (PP) and soy fiber (SF) content on the properties (binding properties, color, and texture) of bologna sausages as influenced by fat level (F) were assessed by responseExpand
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Physico-chemical and film-forming properties of bovine-hide and tuna-skin gelatin: A comparative study
A bovine-hide gelatin and a tuna-skin gelatin, both characterized on the basis of their amino acid composition and molecular weight distribution, were used to prepare edible films by casting withExpand
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Physical and functional characterization of active fish gelatin films incorporated with lignin
Abstract In order to provide gelatin films with antioxidant capacity, two sulphur-free water-insoluble lignin powders (L1000 and L2400) were blended with a commercial fish-skin gelatin from warmExpand
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Effects of gelatin origin, bovine-hide and tuna-skin, on the properties of compound gelatin—chitosan films
Abstract With the purpose to improve the physico-chemical performance of plain gelatin and chitosan films, compound gelatin–chitosan films were prepared. The effect of the gelatin origin (commercialExpand
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Influence of temperature and composition on some physical properties of milk and milk concentrates. II. Viscosity
Ten different types of milk, arranged in 3 sets, were observed to be pseudoplastic fluids with linear behaviour at high shear rates in a coaxial cylinder rheometer; at low rates of shear all theExpand
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Role of lignosulphonate in properties of fish gelatin films
Abstract A commercial low-gelling fish skin gelatin was used to prepare edible films by casting with glycerol and sorbitol added as plasticizers. In order to improve the extremely low waterExpand
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Physical and chemical properties of tuna-skin and bovine-hide gelatin films with added aqueous oregano and rosemary extracts
The properties of edible, gelatin-based films with added oregano or rosemary extract (two different concentrations) were studied. Gelatins from different sources (bovine-hides and tuna-skins) wereExpand
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Salt and phosphate effects on the gelling process of pressure/heat treated pork batters.
Thermal instability and setting was induced in pork by comminution, and the presence of NaCl and a salt mixture. Meat batter production by cooking (70 °C/30 min) produced almost complete proteinExpand
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Protein denaturation and structural damage during high-pressure-shift freezing of porcine and bovine muscle
Pork and beef muscles were subjected to 200 MPa and 20 °C with or without water freezing. Both tissues responded to the treatment with similar behavior. Protein denaturation was greater when freezingExpand
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High-pressure-cooked Low-fat Pork and Chicken Batters as Affected by Salt Levels and Cooking Temperature
The application of high pressure (200 and 400 MPa, 30 min) favored water and fat binding properties of chicken and pork batters even at low ionic strength. Textural properties of meat battersExpand
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