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TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Development of a gas-phase bioprocess for isoprene-monomer production using metabolic pathway engineering
A sustainable production system for isoprene is being developed based on microbial fermentation of renewable sugars (BioIsoprene™), with two biosynthetic isoprenoid pathways being optimized towards this end.
Silsesquioxanes as models for silica surfaces
The hydrolytic condensation of cyclohexyltrichlorosilane (CySiCl/sub 3/) affords (Cy/sub 7/Si/sub 7/O/sub 9/(OH)/sub 3/) (1), (Cy/sub 6/Si/sub 6/O/sub 9/) (2), and (Cy/sub 8/Si/sub 8/O/sub
A new route to incompletely-condensed silsesquioxanes: base-mediated cleavage of polyhedral oligosilsesquioxanes
Readily available R8Si8O12 frameworks react selectively with aqueous Et4NOH to afford discrete incompletely-condensed silsesquioxanes: reaction of R8Si8O12 (2a, R = c-C6H11; 2b, R = Bui) with Et4NOH
Practical methods for synthesizing four incompletely condensed silsesquioxanes from a single R8Si8O12 framework
The reaction of (c-C6H11)8Si8O12 1 with triflic acid (TfOH) can produce two different ditriflates with the formula (c-C6H11)8Si8O11(OTf)2, which can be hydrolyzed selectively to four different
Syntheses of highly functionalized cube-octameric polyhedral oligosilsesquioxanes (R8Si8O12)
Reactions of [H2N(CH2)3]8Si8O12 or its octahydrochloride salt with a variety of electrophiles, including anhydrides, lactones, acid chlorides, α,β-unsaturated esters and isocyanates, afforded
Controlled cleavage of R8Si8O12 frameworks: a revolutionary new method for manufacturing precursors to hybrid inorganic–organic materials
Cube-octameric polyhedral silsesquioxanes (R8Si8O12) react with strong acids (HX) to produce R8Si8O11X2 frameworks resulting from selective cleavage of one Si–O–Si linkage; subsequent hydrolysis
Methods for effecting monofunctionalization of (CH2CH)8Si8O12
A new method is described for effecting selective monofunctionalization of CH2CH)8Si8O12 2: reaction of 2 with triflic acid (TfOH) produces (TfOCH2CH2)(CH2 CH)7Si8O12 3, which reacts with
A new route to incompletely condensed silsesquioxanes: acid-mediated cleavage and rearrangement of (c-C6H11)6Si6O9 to C2-[(c-C6H11)6Si6O8X2]
Acid-mediated cleavage and rearrangement of (c-C6H11)6Si6O9 1 by triflic acid (TfOH) and methanesulfonic acid (MsOH) produces good yields of C2-[(c-C6H11)6Si6O8X2] (4a, X = OTf; 4b, X = MsO), which