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Listening to Action-related Sentences Activates Fronto-parietal Motor Circuits
The results showed that listening to action-related sentences activates a left fronto-parieto-temporal network that includes the pars opercularis of the inferior frontal gyrus (Broca's area), as well as the inferior parietal lobule, the intraparietal sulcus, and the posterior middle temporal gyrus.
Localization of grasp representations in humans by PET: 1. Observation versus execution
It was hypothesized that during grasping observation, activations should be present in the region of the superior temporal sulcus (STS) and in inferior area 6 and the findings in humans demonstrated that grasp observation significantly activates the cortex of the middle temporal gyrus.
Dyslexia: Cultural Diversity and Biological Unity
It is concluded that there is a universal neurocognitive basis for dyslexia and that differences in reading performance among dyslexics of different countries are due to different orthographies.
The neural correlates of verb and noun processing. A PET study.
PET was used to measure regional cerebral activity during tasks requiring reading of concrete and abstract nouns and verbs for lexical decision and indicated that abstract word processing was associated with selective activations, which is compatible with the view that lexical-semantic processing of words is mediated by an extensive, predominantly left hemispheric network of brain structures.
The bilingual brain. Proficiency and age of acquisition of the second language.
Findings suggest that, at least for pairs of L1 and L2 languages that are fairly close, attained proficiency is more important than age of acquisition as a determinant of the cortical representation of L2.
Mapping motor representations with positron emission tomography
Brain activity was mapped in normal subjects during passive obser-vation of the movements of an 'alien' hand and while imagining grasping objects with their own hand to support the notion that motor learning during observation of movements and mental practice involves rehearsal of neural pathways related to cognitive stages of motor control.
A cultural effect on brain function
In behavioral studies, Italian students showed faster word and non-word reading than English students and in two PET studies, Italians showed greater activation in left superior temporal regions associated with phoneme processing.
Discrimination between Alzheimer Dementia and Controls by Automated Analysis of Multicenter FDG PET
A new diagnostic indicator of FDG PET scan abnormality, based on age-adjusted t statistics and an automated voxel-based procedure, is presented and validated in a large data set comprising 110 normal
Brain activity during observation of actions. Influence of action content and subject's strategy.
The pattern of brain activation during observation of actions is dependent both on the nature of the required executive processing and the type of the extrinsic properties of the action presented.
The role of age of acquisition and language usage in early, high‐proficient bilinguals: An fMRI study during verbal fluency
Results indicate that, during a production task, both age of acquisition and language exposure affect the pattern of brain activation in bilinguals, even if both languages are acquired early and with a comparable level of proficiency.