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A volume of fluid method based on multidimensional advection and spline interface reconstruction
A new volume of fluid method for tracking two-dimensional interfaces is presented. The method involves a multidimensional advection algorithm based on the use of edge-matched flux polygons toExpand
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An improved height function technique for computing interface curvature from volume fractions
An improved height function technique for calculating the interface curvature from volume fractions in three dimensions is presented. A detailed analysis of the performance of the height functionExpand
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An improved PLIC-VOF method for tracking thin fluid structures in incompressible two-phase flows
A drawback common to PLIC schemes is the difficulty of reconstructing the interface when filaments of a thickness smaller than the cell size are present. In this work we present an improvement of theExpand
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A new volume conservation enforcement method for PLIC reconstruction in general convex grids
A comprehensive study is made of methods for resolving the volume conservation enforcement problem in the PLIC reconstruction of an interface in general 3D convex grids. Expand
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Finite element analysis of optimum clearance in the blanking process
Abstract We propose a methodology to obtain optimum punch-die clearance values for a given sheet material and thickness to be blanked, using the finite-element technique. In the presentExpand
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Shot Sleeve Wave Dynamics in the Slow Phase of Die Casting Injection
An analysis is carried out on the wave formed during the slow phase of die casting injection processes. Viscous effects are assumed to be negligible and the problem is treated two-dimensionally usingExpand
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Non-convex analytical and geometrical tools for volume truncation, initialization and conservation enforcement in VOF methods
We present a set of non-convex calculation tools for volume of fluid (VOF) methods in general grids and polytopes, which represent a substantial improvement in computational efficiency. Expand
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A new volume of fluid method in three dimensions—Part II: Piecewise‐planar interface reconstruction with cubic‐Bézier fit
A new interface reconstruction method in 3D is presented. The method involves a conservative level-contour reconstruction coupled to a cubic-Bezier interpolation. The use of the proposed piecewiseExpand
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Influence of radial and axial runouts on surface roughness in face milling with round insert cutting tools
Abstract In face milling processes, the surface quality of the machined part depends on many factors, including feed, cutting tool geometry and tool errors. In this work, a numerical model forExpand
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On the optimum plunger acceleration law in the slow shot phase of pressure die casting machines
The objective of this paper is to analyse a plunger acceleration law that is expected to minimize air entrapment in the slow shot phase of pressure die casting in horizontal cold chambers, and thusExpand
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