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[Improvement of the solubility behavior of problem drugs. 9. In vitro absorption studies using melting solidification products of iomeglamic acid].
By means of the absorption apparatus according to Fürst and Neubert the solid dispersions of the iomeglamic acid were studied with regard to their in vitro absorption properties. All products showedExpand
Increasing the Solubility Characteristics of Iomeglamic Acid with β-Cyclodextrin
Iomeglamic acid has been successfully applied for radioscopy of the gall-bladder since 1972. This pharmacon has the disadvantageous property that it is practically insoluble in water. PreparationsExpand
[Preparations of matrix tablets from a polyacrylate base].
It was demonstrated, that the polymer composition and the drug content in the tablets have an influence on the release of the drug. Expand
Use of an in vitro absorption model system for predicting sustained release of verapamil.
It is shown that it is possible to characterize sustained release formulations in vitro using not only dissolution data but also an absorption model system. The mean dissolution time (MDT) has beenExpand
[Evaluation of retard drug forms with special reference to their therapeutic aspects].
The effect of using controlled-release dosage forms on the development of social efficiency is discussed and the criteria of cost and benefit being of importance for a complex evaluation of efficiency are described. Expand