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Brazilian wetlands: their definition, delineation, and classification for research, sustainable management, and protection
Although 20% of Brazilian territory is covered by wetlands, wetland inventories are still incomplete. In 1993, Brazil signed the Ramsar Convention but a coherent national policy for the sustainable
Natural diet of three species of shrimp in a tropical coastal lagoon
The results showed that the three species were omnivorous, with a varied diet including both components of macrofauna of benthos and associated to the macroalgae Chara and plant fragments and detritus.
Seasonal variation of some limnological factors of lagoa do Guaraná, a várzea lake of the High Rio Paraná, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Le lac de Guarana presente de fortes variations saisonnieres des conditions physico-chimiques du milieu. Celles-ci sont attribuees a deux causes principales: d'une part, le regime hydrologique du
Ecological determinism increases with organism size.
It is concluded that a key niche process, habitat filtering, strengthened with organism size, possibly because larger organisms are both less plastic in their fundamental niches and more able to be selective in dispersal.
Long-Term CO2 Variability in Two Shallow Tropical Lakes Experiencing Episodic Eutrophication and Acidification Events
Here we report the long-term (13-year) dynamics of surface pCO2 and its response to episodic eutrophication and acidification events in two contrasting tropical coastal lakes, one clear-water and the
Correlates of Zooplankton Beta Diversity in Tropical Lake Systems
It is suggested that faunal exchange and disturbance play important roles in structuring local zooplankton communities by facilitating dispersal between habitats.
Influence of Hydrological Pulse on Bacterial Growth and DOC Uptake in a Clear-Water Amazonian Lake
It is concluded that bacterial growth and DOC uptake vary throughout the flood pulse in clear-water Amazonian ecosystems as a result of changes in nutrient concentration and in DOC composition.
The relationship between DOC and planktonic bacteria in tropical coastal lagoons
It is concluded that low phosphorus concentration and low quality of bulk DOC are the main bottom-up factors limiting bacterial growth in these tropical coastal lagoons.
Whole Ecosystem Evidence of Eutrophication Enhancement by Wetland Dredging in a Shallow Tropical Lake
The purpose of this research was to assess the effects of dredging performed in a marginal wetland colonized by aquatic macrophytes on eutrophication of the adjacent shallow tropical lake (Imboassica