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Global dung beetle response to tropical forest modification and fragmentation: A quantitative literature review and meta-analysis
Although insects are crucial for maintaining ecosystem function, our understanding of their overall response to human activity remains limited. This is no less true of dung-burying beetlesExpand
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Frog, bat, and dung beetle diversity in the cloud forest and coffee agroecosystems of Veracruz, Mexico
We compared the species diversity of copronecrophagous beetles (Scarabaeinae), bats, and frogs in tropical montane cloud forest (original vegetation) and shaded coffee plantations (an agroecosystemExpand
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Altitudinal variation of dung beetle (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) assemblages in the Colombian Andes
Aim  We describe the changes in species richness, rarity and composition with altitude, and explore whether the differences in Scarabaeinae dung beetle composition along five altitudinal transects ofExpand
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Plant β‐diversity in fragmented rain forests: testing floristic homogenization and differentiation hypotheses
Summary Land-use change is the main driver of global biodiversity loss, but its relative impact on species turnover (β-diversity) across multiple spatial scales remains unclear. PlantExpand
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Negative Impacts of Human Land Use on Dung Beetle Functional Diversity
The loss of biodiversity caused by human activity is assumed to alter ecosystem functioning. However our understanding of the magnitude of the effect of these changes on functional diversity andExpand
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Altitudinal variation in fish assemblage diversity in streams of the central Andes of Colombia.
This study documents differences in fish assemblages for 32 freshwater streams located between 258 and 2242 m a.s.l. on the eastern slopes of the central range of the Colombian Andes. A total of 2049Expand
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Diversity and composition of dung beetle (Scarabaeinae) assemblages in a heterogeneous Andean landscape
in a montane region of Colombia, the diversity and composition of the dung beetle (Scarabaeinae) assemblages were sampled and analyzed in natural and anthropogenic habitats: primary forest, secondaryExpand
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Value of small patches in the conservation of plant-species diversity in highly fragmented rainforest.
We evaluated the importance of small (<5 ha) forest patches for the conservation of regional plant diversity in the tropical rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico. We analyzed the density of plantExpand
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The adoption of silvopastoral systems promotes the recovery of ecological processes regulated by dung beetles in the Colombian Andes
Abstract  1. Conventional cattle ranching with low plant diversity and a high dependence on chemical fertilisers and herbicides, simplifies ecosystems and negatively affects their functioning. InExpand
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Variation in freshwater fish assemblages along a regional elevation gradient in the northern Andes, Colombia
Studies on elevation diversity gradients have covered a large number of taxa and regions throughout the world; however, studies of freshwater fish are scarce and restricted to examining their changesExpand
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