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Creating creationists: The influence of ‘issues framing’ on our understanding of public perceptions of clash narratives between evolutionary science and belief
  • F. Elsdon-Baker
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Public understanding of science
  • 23 January 2015
Clash narratives relating to evolutionary science and personal belief are a recurrent theme in media or public space discourse. However, a 2009 British Council poll undertaken in 10 countriesExpand
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‘That’s how Muslims are required to view the world’: Race, culture and belief in non-Muslims’ descriptions of Islam and science
Islam’s positioning in relation to Western ideals of individuality, freedom, women’s rights and democracy has been an abiding theme of sociological analysis and cultural criticism, especially sinceExpand
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The compatibility of science and religion
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Spirited dispute: the secret split between Wallace and Romanes.
Alfred Russel Wallace's role in prompting the original publication of "On the Origin of Species" is now generally acknowledged. Wallace is now widely recognised as 'Darwin's co-discoverer', but theExpand
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Wissen als Explanandum : Die Perspektiven von Laien und Professionellen auf Wissenschaft und Religion
Kaden, Jones, Catto und Elsdon-Baker gehen in ihrem Beitrag der Frage nach, auf welche Art und Weise sich das Wissen von Laien uber die Relation von Wissenschaft und Religion von dem ProfessionellerExpand
Knowledge as Explanandum: Disentangling Lay and Professional Perspectives on Science and Religion
Issues pertaining to the relationship between science and religion, like creationism, Intelligent Design, and New Atheism, are increasingly the focus of social scientific research. This researchExpand
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Contested inheritance: debates on the role of ‘inheritance of acquired characteristics’ in late nineteenth century Darwinian and Weismannian thought
Debates over transgenerational inheritance of acquired characters under the banner of epigenetics research, while contested, are becoming increasingly mainstream. However, given the polysemic natureExpand