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Soil microbial community response to surfactants and herbicides in two soils
Abstract The environmental impacts of herbicides on desirable plants and the soil biota are of public concern. The surfactants that are often used with herbicides are also under scrutiny asExpand
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Effects of long-term prescribed burning on the activity of select soil enzymes in an oak-hickory forest
In low-input or unmanaged ecosystems, the relationship between soil enzyme activity and plant biomass is expected and may be used as an early and sensitive indicator of soil productivity. This studyExpand
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Select Soil Enzyme Activities In The Historic Sanborn Field As Affected By Long-term Cropping Systems
Long-term experimental sites are expected to provide important information regarding soil properties as affected by management practices. Recent studies have shown that soil enzyme activities areExpand
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Greenhouse gases fluxes and soil thermal properties in a pasture in central Missouri.
Fluctuations of greenhouse gases emissions and soil properties occur at short spatial and temporal scales, however, results are often reported for larger scales studies. We monitored CO2, CH4, andExpand
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In situ infiltration as influenced by cover crop and tillage management
Water is usually the most limiting factor in agricultural grain crop production. Various agricultural management practices, such as tillage and use of cover crops, have the potential to influenceExpand
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Effects of foliar fertilization on yield, protein, oil and elemental composition of two soybean varieties
Abstract The effects of foliar fertilization on the yield and seed composition of two soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) varieties were investigated under mid‐Missouri conditions over a 2‐year period.Expand
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Effects of Silver Nanoparticles on the Activities of Soil Enzymes Involved in Carbon and Nutrient Cycling
Abstract Soils are continuously exposed to large amounts of engineered nanoparticles, especially silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), which can affect the activity, stability, and specificity of microbialExpand
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Enhancing Biodegredation of Herbicides Using Biobed Systems
Agrichemicals such as herbicides and pesticides are released into the environment by accidental spillage from spray tanks during mixing or cleaning processes, causing point-source contamination whereExpand
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Enhanced Dissipation of Selected Herbicides in a Simulated Organic Matrix Biobed: A System to Control On-Farm Point-Source Pollution.
  • B. Chu, F. Eivazi
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Journal of environmental quality
  • 1 March 2018
Most farms have a centralized location to fill spray tanks with pesticides and to flush and clean application equipment. These sites, depending on the frequency of use, could be significant sourcesExpand
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Phosphorus and mycorrhizal interaction on uptake of P and trace elements by maize
Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (VAM) when applied to soils can result in marked increases in plant growth and P uptake. Application of molybdenum can also result in a synergistic interactionExpand
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