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How to study microemulsions
The application of various experimental techniques for studying the properties of ternary mixtures H 2 O-oil-nonionic amphiphile is demonstrated. Based on detailed knowledge of the phase behavior, inExpand
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Ultrasonic measurements with milliliter liquid samples in the 0.5-100 MHz range.
  • F. Eggers, T. Funck
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Review of scientific instruments
  • 1 August 1973
A resonator and a pulse method for relative ultrasonic absorption measurements in liquids from about 0.5 to 100 MHz are described and discussed. Due to the small sample volumes needed (around 1 ml)Expand
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Ultrasonic velocity measurements in liquids with high resolution—techniques, selected applications and perspectives
Acoustical velocity measurements using continuous waves, pulse modulated signals and sharp pulses are summarized. Expand
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Molecular Dynamics and Kinetics of Monosaccharides in Solution. A Broadband Ultrasonic Relaxation Study
Between 100 kHz and 2 GHz ultrasonic absorption spectra have been measured for aqueous solutions of d-galactose, d-mannose, d-glucose, d-arabinose, d-ribose, d-lyxose, and d-xylose, as well as of t...
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Model calculations for ultrasonic plate-liquid-plate resonators : peak frequency shift by liquid density and velocity variations
Ultrasonic resonators - consisting of the liquid sample, enclosed by two planar piezoelectric transducer plates - permit a direct and accurate determination of liquid sound velocities at kilohertzExpand
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Thermodynamics and kinetics of base-stacking interactions.
The thermodynamics and kinetics of the self-association of N6, N9-dimethyladenine has been studied as a model system for base stacking. Molal osmotic coefficients have been determined by vaporExpand
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Broad-band ultrasonic measurement techniques for liquids
Various methods for broad-band ultrasonic absorption and velocity measurements in liquids, using CW and pulsed signals, are reviewed. Several different ultrasonic spectrometric techniques areExpand
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