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Colloquium : The neutron lifetime
The decay of the free neutron into a proton, electron, and antineutrino is the prototype semileptonic weak decay and is the simplest example of nuclear beta decay. It played a key role in the earlyExpand
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Magnetic Trapping of Ultracold Neutrons
Three-dimensional magnetic confinement of neutrons is reported. Neutrons are loaded into an Ioffe-type superconducting magnetic trap through inelastic scattering of cold neutrons withExpand
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A gamma- and X-ray detector for cryogenic, high magnetic field applications
As part of an experiment to measure the spectrum of photons emitted in beta-decay of the free neutron, we developed and operated a detector consisting of 12 bismuth germanate (BGO) crystals coupledExpand
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Test of 3He-based neutron polarizers at NIST
Abstract Neutron spin filters based on polarized 3 He are useful over a wide neutron energy range and have a large angular acceptance among other advantages. Two optical pumping methods,Expand
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Prospects for a new cold neutron beam measurement of the neutron lifetime
In the most accurate cold neutron beam determination of the neutron lifetime based on the absolute counting of decay protons, the largest uncertainty was attributed to the absolute determination ofExpand
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A cryogenic radiometer for absolute neutron rate measurement
We detail the design and operation of an electrical substitution radiometer, which measures the absolute fluence of thermal neutron beams based on neutron absorption in a 6Li-rich metallic alloy. WeExpand
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A backscatter-suppressed beta spectrometer for neutron decay studies
We describe a beta electron spectrometer for use in an upcoming experiment that will measure the beta-antineutrino correlation coefficient (a coefficient) in neutron beta decay. Electron energy isExpand
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Neutron polarizers based on polarized 3He
The goal of this work, which is a collaborative effort between Indiana University, NIST, and Hamilton College, is to extend the technique of polarized neutron scattering into new domains by theExpand
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The aCORN Backscatter-Suppressed Beta Spectrometer.
Backscatter of electrons from a beta spectrometer, with incomplete energy deposition, can lead to undesirable effects in many types of experiments. We present and discuss the design and operation ofExpand
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Progress on the BL2 beam measurement of the neutron lifetime
A precise value of the neutron lifetime is important in several areas of physics, including determinations of the quark-mixing matrix element |V ud |, related tests of the Standard Model, andExpand
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