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Geometrical considerations and nomenclature for reflectance
Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing specifications of reflectance and proposed nomenclature. Expand
Directional Reflectance and Emissivity of an Opaque Surface
Concepts, terminology, and symbols are presented for specifying and relating directional variations in reflectance and emissivity of an opaque surface element. Their relationship to more familiarExpand
Reflectance nomenclature and directional reflectance and emissivity.
Normalization in radiometry.
When the absolute value X = ?Xmicro(micro).dmicro of incident radiation cannot be obtained from the output V = ?Xmicro(micro) R(x)(micro) dmicroof a selective instrument, with nonuniform responsivityExpand
Emissivity of isothermal spherical cavity with gray lambertian walls.
An exact expression for the emissivity of an ideally diffuse, gray, isothermal, spherical cavity is derived directly, making no geometrical approximations, and is shown to agree with the results ofExpand
Proposed supplement to the si nomenclature for radiometry and photometry.
Tables I(a) through (d) were prepared for a brochure on radiometric and photometric measurements and instruments to present the preferred SI nomenclature ,3 and to compare it with earlierExpand
Comment on “Current definitions of reflectance”
The delta-function form of the bidirectional reflectance-distribution function (BRDF) is not limited to the case where θv = θi and ψv = ψi ± π (rad), but can represent a “glint” in any direction. TheExpand
Radiometry with spectrally selective sensors.