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Detailed modeling of planar transcritical H2–O2–N2 flames
We first investigate a detailed high pressure flame model. Our model is based on the thermodynamics of irreversible processes, statistical mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, and the kineticExpand
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Numerical Analysis of the 10 Bar Mascotte Flow Field
Abstract : Numerical simulations of the 10 bar Mascotte flow field performed using the ONERA MSD code have been presented. Droplets were injected along the liquid core represented by a solid cone.Expand
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Radiative transfer in real gases using reciprocal and forward Monte Carlo methods and a correlated-k approach
Abstract Two formulations of the Monte Carlo method based on the reciprocity principle, considered from both points of view of the reverse path and the exchanged power, are developed and discussed.Expand
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Numerical Simulation of Soot Formation in a Turbulent Flame with a Monte-Carlo PDF Approach and Detailed Chemistry
Abstract The paper presents an original work in which a hybrid turbulent combustion model, based upon a stochastic evaluation of the Joint Scalar Probability Density Function (PDF), is used inExpand
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Monte Carlo modeling of radiative transfer in a turbulent sooty flame
Abstract The calculation of radiative transfer within a sooty turbulent ethylene–air diffusion jet flame has been carried out by using a Monte Carlo method and an accurate CK model for the gases. TheExpand
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A DES method applied to a Backward Facing Step reactive flow
Abstract Hybrid Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes–Large Eddy Simulation is a trend which is becoming of common use in aerodynamics but has seldom been employed to simulate reactive flows. Such methods,Expand
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Experimental and Numerical Study of a Turbulent Recirculation Zone with Combustion
Recirculation zones are widely used for the stabilization of combustion in flows with a large velocity. The main example of this is the case of afterburner devices for turbojet engines, where theExpand
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Numerical simulations and physical analysis of an overexpanded reactive gas flow in a planar nozzle
Abstract A numerical investigation of the overexpanded reactive gas flow in the ATAC nozzle of rectangular section, equipped with an H2 injection, is carried out. This study is aiming at reproducingExpand
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Numerical Optimisation in Non Reacting Conditions of the Injector Geometry for a Continuous Detonation Wave Rocket Engine
The paper presents the methodology and the results of a numerical study, which is aimed at the investigation and optimisation of different means of fuel and oxidizer injection adapted to rocketExpand
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An optimized reciprocity Monte Carlo method for the calculation of radiative transfer in media of various optical thicknesses
An efficient Monte Carlo method for the calculation of radiative transfer in complex geometry systems including semi-transparent media has been achieved and validated. This method, which is based onExpand
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