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Excitonic trion X − in semiconductor quantum wells
The ground-state energy of the negatively charged exciton in a semiconductor quantum well is calculated assuming finite band offsets in a two-band model within the envelope-function approximationExpand
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Magnetic field effect on the polarizability of bound polarons in quantum nanocrystallites
We have studied the simultaneous effects of magnetic and electric fields on the ground-state energy of a donor impurity confined in a polar CdSe quantum nanocrystallite embedded in a nonpolar matrix.Expand
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The magnetic properties of disordered Fe-Al alloy system
Using the effective field theory with a probability distribution technique that accounts for the self-spin correlation functions, the magnetic properties of disordered Fe–Al alloys on the basis of aExpand
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Hysteresis loops and susceptibility of a transverse Ising nanowire
In this work, the magnetization, susceptibility, and hysteresis loops of a magnetic nanowire are described by the transverse Ising model using the effective field theory within a probabilityExpand
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Theoretical comparative study of negatively and positively charged excitons in GaAs/Ga 1-x Al x As semiconductor quantum wells
We compare the binding energies of the singlet ground states of negatively and positively charged excitons in a $\mathrm{GaAs}/{\mathrm{Ga}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Al}}_{x}\mathrm{As}$Expand
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of a single dopant in strained AlAs/GaAs spherical core/shell quantum dots
Abstract The hydrostatic pressure influence on the binding energy and on the optical properties (linear and third nonlinear) associated to the 1 s − 1 p intersubband transition of single dopant in aExpand
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Electric Field Effect on the Energy of an Off-Centre Donor in Quantum Crystallites
The quantum size, impurity position and electric field effects on the energy of a shallow donor placed anywhere in a GaAs spherical quantum crystallite embedded in Ga1-xAlxAs matrix are studiedExpand
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Degradations characterization for IGBTs operating above the 125/spl deg/C MIL temperature in AC converters
IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistor) are formed of smaller die sizes compared to transistors usually used in AC converters for the same power handling. The operating junction temperature ofExpand
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