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Component mode synthesis as a framework for uncertainty analysis
Abstract Component mode synthesis (CMS) is a well-established technique for the vibration analysis of built-up structures. It was originally developed as a method for reducing the size of a finiteExpand
Averaging in vibration suppression by parametric stiffness excitation
Abstract Stability investigations of vibration suppression employing the concept of actuators with a variable stiffness are presented. Systems with an arbitrary number of degrees of freedom withExpand
Enhanced damping of a cantilever beam by axial parametric excitation
A uniform cantilever beam under the effect of a time-periodic axial force is investigated. The beam structure is discretized by a finite-element approach. The linearised equations of motionExpand
Damping by Parametric Stiffness Excitation: Resonance and Anti-Resonance
Investigations are presented into the stability of vibration suppression employing variable-stiffness actuators. Systems with an arbitrary number of degrees of freedom are considered, and are subjectExpand
Linear parameter varying control design for rotating systems supported by journal bearings
Abstract Linear parameter varying (LPV) control is a model-based control technique that takes into account time-varying parameters of the plant. In the case of rotating systems supported byExpand
Suppressing self-excited vibrations by synchronous and time-periodic stiffness and damping variation
Stability investigations on vibration suppression employing the concept of actuators with variable stiffness and damping elements are presented. Systems with two and more degrees of freedom withExpand
A journal bearing with variable geometry for the suppression of vibrations in rotating shafts: Simulation, design, construction and experiment
Abstract The idea for a journal bearing with variable geometry was formerly developed and investigated on its principles of operation giving very optimistic theoretical results for the vibrationExpand
Improving stability and operation of turbine rotors using adjustable journal bearings
Abstract A theoretical study on the application of parametric excitation through fluid film journal bearings in order to extend the stability margins is presented in this paper. The proposed 2-arcExpand
A Journal Bearing With Variable Geometry for the Reduction of the Maximum Amplitude During Passage Through Resonance
A concept for a journal bearing with variable stiffness and damping properties is developed in order to decrease the vibration amplitude of a rotor-journal bearing system during passage throughExpand
Vibration quenching in a large scale rotor-bearing system using journal bearings with variable geometry
Abstract In large scale rotating machinery the resonance amplitude during the passage through resonance is a matter of consideration because of its influence in the surrounding environment of theExpand