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The First English Detectives: The Bow Street Runners and the Policing of London, 1750–1840
In The First English Detectives John Beattie provides us not only with the first analytical history of the activities of the Bow Street Runners in London, but also with a sustained argument about t...
Habit and Habituation
This article examines the issues that are at stake in the current resurgence of interest in the subject of habit. We focus on the role that habit has played in conceptions of the relations betweenExpand
The Idea of Police in Eighteenth-Century England: Discipline, Reformation, Superintendence, c. 1780–1800
  • F. Dodsworth
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Journal of the history of ideas
  • 1 October 2008
In the late eighteenth century a series of English authors wrote on the subject of “police.” Their aim in these works was generally to advocate structural reform of the existing institutions of civilExpand
The 'idea' of policing
Scholarly edition of a collection of sources on the idea of 'police' in eighteenth-century England, accompanied by an introductory essay.
‘Civic’ police and the condition of liberty: the rationality of governance in eighteenth-century England
In this article it is argued that previous attempts to understand the organization of eighteenthcentury systems of police have failed to take into account the political implications of governmentalExpand
Fabricating the Market: The Promotion of Life Assurance in the Long Nineteenth-Century
The market for life assurance did not emerge "naturally" from a particular problem of the allocation of resources, it had to be made. Life insurance had to appear desirable and reliable. ThisExpand
Epochalism and the society of security : continuity and change in self-defence culture
This chapter offers a brief history of self-defence in modern Britain, viewed through the lens of the self-defence manual. It seeks to complicate the 'epochal' accounts of the transformation ofExpand
Virtus on Whitehall: The Politics of Palladianism in William Kent's Treasury Building, 1733–61
The development of the modern state in the eighteenth century had a material as well as a socio-political dimension. The 1730s saw the domination of neo-Palladianism in the Office of Works and theExpand