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APSIC: Training and fitting amputees during situations of daily living
Today, the prevalence of major amputation in France can be estimated between 90,000 and 100,000 and the incidence is about 8300 new amputations per year (according to French National Authority forExpand
Comparative evaluation of the effects of ciprofibrate and fenofibrate on lipids, lipoproteins and apoproteins A and B.
Comparison of the 2 drugs at the optimal dosages, after 9 months of treatment, showed ciprofibrate to be more effective in increasing HDL cholesterol and apo A than fenofibrate, and no other significant differences in terms of either therapeutic efficacy or biological tolerance became apparent. Expand
[Double-blind randomized comparative study of nicergoline naftidrofuryl on the quality of life in chronic obliterative arteriopathy of lower limbs with intermittent claudication].
The data suggest that in terms of quality of life nicergoline is superior than naftidrofuryl, and the clinical tolerance is good and comparable between the two treatments. Expand
Changes in lipid and lipoprotein levels and Achilles tendon diameters and indices in familial hypercholesterolaemic patients with tendinous xanthomatosis treated by diet and bezafibrate for 2 years.
The results confirm the hypolipidaemic activity of bezafibrate, changes in the levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, lipids and lipoproteins (LDL, VLDL and HDL) being similar in direction and magnitude to those reported previously. Expand
Beneficial effects of indapamide on lipoproteins and apoproteins in ambulatory hypertensive patients.
Indapamide, 2.5 mg once daily, is effective and safe for the control of mild to moderate hypertension, both in young and older patients, and may be an optimal diuretic for use in normolipidemic or hyperlipidemic patients, as it increases high-density lipoprotein but not low-densitylipoprotein cholesterol. Expand
High precision nonlinear computer modelling technique for quartz crystal oscillators
The authors present a full nonlinear modeling technique for quartz crystal oscillators. The model computes both an imaginary and a real part of the nonlinear complex polynomial characteristic, givingExpand
Improved OCXO's oven using active thermal insulation
This paper shows how it is possible to improve the performance of thermal enclosures by using a compensating system the principle of which has been described by F. Walls a few years ago (41st AFCS,Expand
[Effect on lipids, lipoproteins and apoproteins of labetalol prescribed in doses of 400 mg/day in hypertensive patients. Double-blind versus placebo study].
This study confirms that labetalol in doses of 400 mg/day has notable anti-hypertensive activity and, as previously reported and in contrast with other beta-blocking agents, is devoid of any adverse effect on lipid metabolism. Expand
[Pseudophlebitis of the lower limbs. A critical study from 102 suspected cases of deep venous thrombosis].
Analysis of epidemiologic and clinical data demonstrates the importance of certain data as for the diagnosis: female sex, age superior to 60 years, existence of two antecedents and/or a cardiopathy, a complex clinical picture might demonstrate a diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis. Expand