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Structure, Function and Diversity of the Healthy Human Microbiome
Studies of the human microbiome have revealed that even healthy individuals differ remarkably in the microbes that occupy habitats such as the gut, skin and vagina. Much of this diversity remainsExpand
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Defining the Normal Bacterial Flora of the Oral Cavity
ABSTRACT More than 700 bacterial species or phylotypes, of which over 50% have not been cultivated, have been detected in the oral cavity. Our purposes were (i) to utilize culture-independentExpand
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The human oral microbiome.
The human oral cavity contains a number of different habitats, including the teeth, gingival sulcus, tongue, cheeks, hard and soft palates, and tonsils, which are colonized by bacteria. The oralExpand
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Bacterial diversity in human subgingival plaque.
The purpose of this study was to determine the bacterial diversity in the human subgingival plaque by using culture-independent molecular methods as part of an ongoing effort to obtain full 16S rRNAExpand
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The Human Oral Microbiome Database: a web accessible resource for investigating oral microbe taxonomic and genomic information
The human oral microbiome is the most studied human microflora, but 53% of the species have not yet been validly named and 35% remain uncultivated. The uncultivated taxa are known primarily from 16SExpand
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Bacteria of Dental Caries in Primary and Permanent Teeth in Children and Young Adults
ABSTRACT Although Streptococcus mutans has been implicated as a major etiological agent of dental caries, our cross-sectional preliminary study indicated that 10% of subjects with rampant caries inExpand
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Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Species Associated with Childhood Caries
ABSTRACT Although substantial epidemiologic evidence links Streptococcusmutans to caries, the pathobiology of caries may involve more complex communities of bacterial species. Molecular methods forExpand
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Complete genome sequence of the oral pathogenic Bacterium porphyromonas gingivalis strain W83.
The complete 2,343,479-bp genome sequence of the gram-negative, pathogenic oral bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis strain W83, a major contributor to periodontal disease, was determined. Whole-genomeExpand
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A framework for human microbiome research
A variety of microbial communities and their genes (the microbiome) exist throughout the human body, with fundamental roles in human health and disease. The National Institutes of Health (NIH)-fundedExpand
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"Checkerboard" DNA-DNA hybridization.
A method is introduced for hybridizing large numbers of DNA samples against large numbers of DNA probes on a single support membrane. Denatured DNA from up to 43 samples was fixed in separate lanesExpand
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