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Intracellular adaptation of Brucella abortus.
Macrophages were infected with virulent Brucella abortus strain 2308 or attenuated strain 19. Intracellular bacteria were recovered at different times after infection and their proteomes compared.Expand
Antibacterial Activity of the Lactoperoxidase System on Listeria monocytogenes in Trypticase Soy Broth, UHT Milk and French Soft Cheese.
The antibacterial activity of the lactoperoxidase system on the growth and survival of Listeria monocytogenes in trypticase soy broth, UHT milk and French soft cheese was determined. Several levelsExpand
DNA barcoding and molecular systematics of the benthic and demersal organisms of the CEAMARC survey.
The Dumont d'Urville Sea (East Antarctic region) has been less investigated for DNA barcoding and molecular taxonomy than other parts of the Southern Ocean, such as the Ross Sea and the AntarcticExpand
Do organisms living around hydrothermal vent sites contain specific metallothioneins? The case of the genus Bathymodiolus (Bivalvia, Mytilidae).
The unusual characteristics of the hydrothermal vent environment (high pressure and metal concentrations, low pH, etc.) leads us to wonder how species living in this particular biotope have adjustedExpand
Physiological status and intersex in the endobenthic bivalve Scrobicularia plana from thirteen estuaries in northwest France.
The bivalve Scrobicularia plana, an important species for the structure and functioning of estuarine and coastal mudflats, was studied in thirteen sites from NW France differing by their degree ofExpand
Cloning and characterization of cDNA probes for the analysis of metallothionein gene expression in the Mediterranean bivalves: Ruditapes decussatus and Cerastoderma glaucum
AbstractcDNA probes have been developed for subsequent use in monitoring the cadmium exposure of the clam Ruditapes decussatus and the cockle Cerastoderma glaucum using metallothionein (MT) geneExpand
Transcriptional response of stress-regulated genes to cadmium exposure in the cockle Cerastoderma glaucum from the gulf of Gabès area (Tunisia)
This study investigates cadmium effects on key messenger RNA (mRNA) expression (MT, MnSOD, CuZnSOD, CAT, ABCB1, HSP70, and CO1) by qPCR in the cockle Cerastoderma glaucum after chronic exposure toExpand
Characterisation and expression of the biomineralising gene Lustrin A during shell formation of the European abalone Haliotis tuberculata.
The molluscan shell is a remarkable product of a highly coordinated biomineralisation process, and is composed of calcium carbonate most commonly in the form of calcite or aragonite. The exceptionalExpand
Genetic separation of two allopatric populations of hydrothermal snails Alviniconcha spp. (Gastropoda) from two South Western Pacific back-arc basins
Abstract Communities of organisms associated with back-arc basin hot vents in the South West Pacific are dominated in biomass by gastropods. Alviniconcha hessleri (Okutani and Ohta, 1988) wasExpand