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PIPE: a protein-protein interaction prediction engine based on the re-occurring short polypeptide sequences between known interacting protein pairs
BackgroundIdentification of protein interaction networks has received considerable attention in the post-genomic era. The currently available biochemical approaches used to detect protein-proteinExpand
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An O(2O(k)n3) FPT Algorithm for the Undirected Feedback Vertex Set Problem
We describe an algorithm for the Feedback Vertex Set problem on undirected graphs, parameterized by the size k of the feedback vertex set, that runs in time O(ckn3) where c=10.567 and n is the numberExpand
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Risk for periodontal disease in patients with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis.
OBJECTIVE To quantify periodontal disease in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and controls, and to correlate the degree of destruction from periodontal disease and from RA. METHODS Fifty RAExpand
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Efficient Parallel Graph Algorithms for Coarse-Grained Multicomputers and BSP
In this paper we present deterministic parallel algorithms for the coarse-grained multicomputer (CGM) and bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) models for solving the following well-known graph problems:Expand
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Simulated Annealing for Materialized View Selection in Data Warehousing Environment
In order to facilitate query processing, the information contained in data warehouses is typically stored as a set of materialized views. Deciding which views to materialize presents a considerableExpand
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Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM): User's Guide and Reference
The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) is a suite of graphical editors for a number of graphical notation systems that are used in software specification methods. The notations can be used toExpand
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The Cluster Editing Problem: Implementations and Experiments
In this paper, we study the cluster editing problem which is fixed parameter tractable. We present the first practical implementation of a FPT based method for cluster editing, using the approach inExpand
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A Parallel Wavefront Algorithm for Efficient Biological Sequence Comparison
In this paper we present a parallel wavefront algorithm for computing an alignment between two strings A and C, with |A| = m and |C| = n. On a distributed memory parallel computer of p processorsExpand
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Deterministic Sample Sort for GPUs
We demonstrate that parallel deterministic sample sort for many-core GPUs (GPU BUCKET SORT) is not only considerably faster than the best comparison-based sorting algorithm for GPUs (THRUST MERGEExpand
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Parallel dynamic programming for solving the string editing problem on a CGM/BSP
In this paper we present a coarse-grained parallel algorithm for solving the string edit distance problem for a string A and all substrings of a string C. Our method is based on a novel CGM/BSPExpand
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