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High resolution distribution of trace elements in the calcite shell layer of modern mytilus edulis: environmental and biological controls
Abstract Mussels of a similar size, originating from the same population, have been grown in the field and the high resolution distribution of Mg, Mn, Sr, Ba and Pb in their calcite shell layer, asExpand
Barite particles are a universal component of suspended matter in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This is demonstrated by scanning electron microscope and electron microprobe analyses of samplesExpand
Revisiting Carbon Flux Through the Ocean's Twilight Zone
A large variability in transfer efficiency of sinking particulate organic carbon between 150 and 500 meters of 20 and 50% at two contrasting sites is measured, which is equivalent to a difference in carbon sequestration of more than 3 petagrams of carbon per year. Expand
Relevance of silicon isotopes to Si‐nutrient utilization and Si‐source assessment in Antarctic waters
[1] We analyzed δ29Si of dissolved silicate for eight water column profiles across the Southern Ocean (south of Australia in spring 2001) from the Seasonal Ice Zone (SIZ) north to the SubantarcticExpand
The distribution of Fe in the antarctic circumpolar current
Abstract The large-scale distributions of dissolved and total Fe in surface and deep waters of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current exhibit strong relationships with hydrography and biologicalExpand
The Behaviour of Dissolved Barium in Estuaries
Estuarine profiles of dissolved barium are reported from six estuarine systems in the U.S.A. and Europe. All show clear evidence of mid-estuarine barium concentration maxima, although the locationExpand
Isotopic constraints on the Si-biogeochemical cycle of the Antarctic Zone in the Kerguelen area (KEOPS)
Abstract Estimation of the silicon (Si) mass balance in the ocean from direct measurements (Si uptake-dissolution rates …) is plagued by the strong temporal and spatial variability of the surfaceExpand
Spatial and temporal patterns of water quality along the estuarine salinity gradient of the Scheldt estuary (Belgium and The Netherlands): results of an integrated monitoring approach
This paper presents the results of 7 years of integrated monitoring along the Scheldt estuary. The combination of two datasets resulted in a full description of the estuaries water quality parametersExpand
Strong biological controls on Sr/Ca ratios in aragonitic marine bivalve shells: Geochemistry
[1] It is well known that skeletal remains of carbonate secreting organisms can provide a wealth of information about past environments. Sr/Ca ratios have been successfully used as a temperatureExpand
Inorganic and organic carbon biogeochemistry in the Gautami Godavari estuary (Andhra Pradesh, India) during pre-monsoon: the local impact of extensive mangrove forests.
tidal mangrove creeks in the delta. Here, variations in the concentration and d 13 Co f the DIC pool were shown to result largely from the mineralization of organic matter. The present study clearlyExpand