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Young people’s help-seeking for mental health problems
Abstract This paper summarises an ambitious research agenda aiming to uncover the factors that affect help-seeking among young people for mental health problems. The research set out to consider whyExpand
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Measuring help-seeking intentions: Properties of the General Help-Seeking Questionnaire
Understanding help seeking intentions and behaviour is fundamental to the identification of factors that can be modified to increase engagement in counselling. Despite considerable research on theseExpand
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When and how do young people seek professional help for mental health problems?
Despite the high prevalence of mental health problems and disorders that develop in adolescence and early adulthood, young people tend to not seek professional help. Young men and young people fromExpand
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Emotional intelligence moderates the relationship between stress and mental health
Abstract Despite a great deal of popular interest and the development of numerous training programs in emotional intelligence (EI), some researchers have argued that there is little evidence that EIExpand
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Gatekeeper Training as a Preventative Intervention for Suicide: A Systematic Review
Objective: Suicide prevention remains a challenge across communities in North America and abroad. We examine a suicide prevention effort that is widely used, termed gatekeeper training. There are 2Expand
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Homework assignments in cognitive and behavioral therapy: a meta-analysis.
This meta-analysis (27 studies, N= 1702) examined (a) the effects of homework assignments on treatment outcome and (b) the relationship between homework compliance and therapy outcome. Results of theExpand
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Adolescent Opinions About Reducing Help-Seeking Barriers and Increasing Appropriate Help Engagement
Effective mental illness prevention programs are important for the safety of youth and adolescents. Research suggests that programs should facilitate appropriate help seeking by lowering help-seekingExpand
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Factors influencing mental-health help-seeking in Arabic-speaking communities in Sydney, Australia
Traditionally, the utilization of mental-health services by Arabic-speaking communities in Australia has been low. Interviews were conducted with 35 key informants from Arabic-speaking backgrounds,Expand
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Attitudes and Intentions to Seek Professional Psychological Help for Personal Problems or Suicidal Thinking
Abstract Only a small proportion of people who experience psychological distress seek professional psychological help. Treatment fearfulness, psychological distress, and attitudes toward counsellingExpand
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Impact of attitudes and suicidal ideation on adolescents' intentions to seek professional psychological help.
Few adolescents who experience significant psychological distress seek professional psychological help, a finding particularly pertinent in New Zealand which has one of the highest youth suicideExpand
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