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Organizational Innovation: A Meta-Analysis Of Effects Of Determinants and Moderators
A meta-analysis of the relationships between organizational innovation and 13 of its potential determinants resulted in statistically significant associations for specialization, functional differe...
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Phases of the Adoption of Innovation in Organizations: Effects of Environment, Organization and Top Managers
Multidimensional empirical examinations of the adoption of innovations in organizations, and the influence of factors within each dimension on the phases of adoption, are scarce. This study examinesExpand
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Organizational complexity and innovation: developing and testing multiple contingency models
Current research in organizational innovation is extensive, yet, because of limitations in scope, most studies are not adequately encompassing. These studies typically relate organizational variablesExpand
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The Adoption of Technological, Administrative, and Ancillary Innovations: Impact of Organizational Factors
The influence of six organizationalfactors on the adoption of three types of innovations was examined in public libraries. It wasfound that (a) all factors together were a better predictor ofExpand
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Combinative Effects of Innovation Types and Organizational Performance: A Longitudinal Study of Service Organizations
Innovation research suggests that innovation types have different attributes, determinants, and effects. This study focuses on consequences of adoption of three types of innovation (service,Expand
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Organizational innovation and performance: The problem of "organizational lag."
Fariborz Damanpour and William M. Evan The organizational lag model, which postulates that a discrepancy exists between the rates of adoption of technical and administrative innovations, is appliedExpand
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Organizational Size and Innovation
This paper offers a meta-analytic review of the relationship between organiza tional size and innovation. Using 36 correlations derived from 20 published studies, the review finds a positiveExpand
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Managerial Innovation: Conceptions, Processes, and Antecedents
The expansive research on innovation in organizations has primarily followed a technological imperative, postulating that organizations organize their innovation efforts through research andExpand
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Characteristics of Innovation and Innovation Adoption in Public Organizations: Assessing the Role of Managers
Studies of the association between innovation characteristics and innovation adoption at the level of organization are scarce. This study develops direct and moderating hypotheses for theExpand
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A review of innovation research in economics, sociology and technology management
In this paper we review the extant innovation research from three fields--economics, organizational sociology and technology management--in order to find points at which the fields' approaches andExpand
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