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Morphogenetic, ultrastructural and physiological damages suffered by submerged leaves of Elodea canadensis exposed to cadmium
Abstract Although bodies of water are a major vehicle for cadmium contamination, works dealing with submerged plants directly exposed to it are still very scarce. The aim of this research was toExpand
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Thylakoid-bound and stromal antioxidative enzymes in wheat treated with excess copper
Copper is a catalyst in the formation of reactive free radicals and its toxicity may be due, at least in part, to oxidative damage. The response of thylakoid-bound and stromal antioxidative enzymesExpand
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Desiccation-tolerant Sporobolus stapfianus: lipid composition and cellular ultrastructure during dehydration and rehydration
The desiccation-tolerant plant Sporobolus stapfianus was subjected to slow dehydration and to rehydration either as a silica gel-dried detached leaf or as an air-dried plant. In detached leavesExpand
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Aloe-emodin is a new type of anticancer agent with selective activity against neuroectodermal tumors.
Here we report that aloe-emodin (AE), a hydroxyanthraquinone present in Aloe vera leaves, has a specific in vitro and in vivo antineuroectodermal tumor activity. The growth of human neuroectodermalExpand
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Growth in excess copper induces changes in the lipid composition and fluidity of PSII-enriched membranes in wheat
Changes in the lipid composition and fluidity of PSII-enriched thylakoids were studied in seedlings of wheat (Triticum durum Desf. cv. Adamello) grown in nutrient solution supplemented with CuSO 4 toExpand
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Metal accumulation and damage in rice (cv. Vialone nano) seedlings exposed to cadmium
Abstract The effect of exposure to increasing cadmium concentrations was analyzed in rice seedlings (cv. Vialone nano). The highest Cd accumulation was found in roots, mostly in the apoplasticExpand
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Selenium accumulation and metabolism in algae.
Selenium (Se) is an intriguing element because it is metabolically required by a variety of organisms, but it may induce toxicity at high doses. Algae primarily absorb selenium in the form ofExpand
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Impaired carotenogenesis can affect organization and functionality of etioplast membranes
The effects of impaired carotenogenesis on plastid membrane organization, functionality and stability were studied in etiolated barley plants grown at 20 and 30°C. The plants were treated withExpand
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Response of maize (Zea mays L.) nitrate reductase to UV-B radiation
Abstract The effect of ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation on plant growth, photosynthetic competence, nitrate content, and extractable activity of nitrate reductase (NR; EC was evaluated inExpand
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Two Different Endo-β-1,4-Glucanases Contribute to the Softening of the Strawberry Fruits
Summary The expression of different endo-(β-l,4-glucanases (EGases) and the ultrastructural details of the cell wall dismantling were studied throughout the development of the strawberry fruits.Expand
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