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Rock art and the prehistoric landscape of Galicia: the results of field survey 1992-1994
This paper discusses the relationship between the earlier prehistoric pattern of settlement in Atlantic Europe and the creation of rock art. It investigates the organisation of the Copper Age andExpand
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Social Change, Social Resistance A Long-Term Approach to the Processes of Transformation of Social Landscapes in the Northwest Iberian Peninsula
As the title suggests, this contribution refers to social change in the long term. As we will see later on, a brief glance at the two extremes of the time period we will analyze (the Early NeolithicExpand
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Tangled between paradigms in the neo-baroque era
Abstract The underlying notion for this article is that archaeology requires an amalgamation of humanities and science, and of narrative and scientific knowledge. The need for this fusion has arisenExpand
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Deconstructing Neolithic Monumental Space: the Montenegro Enclosure in Galicia (Northwest Iberia)
This article presents a comparative analysis of archaeological sites in northwest Iberia focusing on Neolithic spatial concepts and their materialization in different architectures from this period.Expand
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1500 years of soil use reconstructed from the chemical properties of a terraced soil sequence
Colluvial soils can store signals of the environmental conditions occurred during their formation, including the anthropogenic activities they supported. Their study may provide important informationExpand
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Coevolution of visual behaviour, the material world and social complexity, depicted by the eye-tracking of archaeological objects in humans
We live in a cluttered visual world that is overflowing with information, the continuous processing of which would be a truly daunting task. Nevertheless, our brains have evolved to select which partExpand
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Against reactionary populism: towards a new public archaeology
From Brazil to the United Kingdom, 2016 was a critical year in global politics. Heritage, ethics and the way that archaeologists relate to the public were and will all be affected, and it is time toExpand
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