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A histopathological survey of some commercially exploited bivalve molluscs in northern Patagonia, Argentina
A survey of pathological conditions affecting natural beds of the most economically important bivalve species was performed for first time in the Argentinean Sea. The bivalves studied wereExpand
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Occurrence of Perkinsus olseni (Protozoa: Apicomplexa) and other parasites in the venerid commercial clam Pitar rostrata from Uruguay, southwestern Atlantic coast.
A study was conducted into the health status of natural populations of the venerid clam Pitar rostrata from Uruguay. Perkinsus sp. was detected in 22% of the clams. Severe hemocytic infiltration wasExpand
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Helminths of the kelp gull, Larus dominicanus, from the northern Patagonian coast
The helminth community of Larus dominicanus (Charadriiformes) is reported from Península Valdés, on the Patagonian coast, Argentina. From March 2000 to April 2004, 29 kelp gulls were collected andExpand
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Checklist of digenean parasites of birds from Argentina
Helminth parasites of birds have been studied in Argentina for almost one century. Survey work on this group of parasites is far from complete. Here we present a checklist that summarizes theExpand
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The parasita Fauna of Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782 (Pisces: Scombridae) in two zones of the Argentine Sea
Abstract Between September 1993 and August 1995, parasitological examinations of 173 specimens of Scomber japonicus were made from two areas of the Argentine Sea: Mar del Plata, 37–38 °S ( N = 90)Expand
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The anisakid species Contracaecum pelagicum Johnston and Mawson, 1942, is reported for first time at 2 different sites on the Argentine coast (Península Valdés, 42°04′S, 63°38′W and Mar del Plata,Expand
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Host-parasite relationship of the geoduck Panopea abbreviata and the green alga Coccomyxa parasitica in the Argentinean Patagonian coast.
The association of the geoduck Panopea abbreviata and the green alga Coccomyxa parasitica is described. The identity of the green alga was confirmed by molecular studies; the alga was found withinExpand
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Parasite-mediated shell alterations in Recent and Holocene sub-Antarctic bivalves
Abstract. New data on shell reactions elicited by larval digeneans in bivalves from Recent sub-Antarctic populations and late Holocene Patagonian deposits are reported. Shell alterations, which areExpand
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Helminths of the Magellanic Penguin, Spheniscus magellanicus (Sphenisciformes), During the Breeding Season in Patagonian Coast, Chubut, Argentina
Abstract Twenty-seven Magellanic penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus (Sphenisciformes), were collected from September 1996 to November 2000 from Península Valdés (42°04′–42°53′S; 63°38′–64°30′W), onExpand
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A survey of larval digeneans in the commonest intertidal snails from Northern Patagonian coast, Argentina
Over a two-years period, a survey was carried out in order to increase the knowledge of digeneans parasitising the commonest intertidal gastropods on the Patagonian coast, Southwestern AtlanticExpand
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