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Inter-building effect: Simulating the impact of a network of buildings on the accuracy of building energy performance predictions
Abstract Given the significant energy consumption imputable to buildings, the development of accurate models to predict building energy performance to understand their environmental impact has becomeExpand
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A comparison between SHF and SSSF processes from cardoon for ethanol production
Abstract The purpose of the present work is the evaluation of Cynara cardunculus L. potential in terms of ethanol production from lignocellulosic feedstock for industrial purposes. After a steamExpand
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The Water Footprint of the Wine Industry: Implementation of an Assessment Methodology and Application to a Case Study
An original methodology for the Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) of a Product for the wine-making industry sector is presented, with a particular focus on the evaluation procedure of the grey water.Expand
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The Impact of Albedo Increase to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island in Terni (Italy) Using the WRF Model
The impacts of the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon on energy consumption, air quality, and human health have been widely studied and described. Mitigation strategies have been developed to fightExpand
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Lignin as co-product of second generation bioethanol production from ligno-cellulosic biomass
Abstract To improve the economic viability of the biofuel production from biomass, it is of increasing importance to add value to the lignin produced as a bio-residue. Moreover, to meet the goal toExpand
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Expanding Inter-Building Effect modeling to examine primary energy for lighting
Abstract Building modeling and energy performance assessment models have become fundamental tools for both designers and researchers. Spanning the boundary of single building analysis, the purpose ofExpand
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Pyrolysis of pellets made with biomass and glycerol: Kinetic analysis and evolved gas analysis
Glycerol is a co-product compound of biodiesel production with an interesting heating value. In this work pyrolysis kinetic parameters for a pellet made with a mass fraction of 90% sawdust and a massExpand
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Preliminary optimization of alkaline pretreatment for ethanol production from vineyard pruning
Abstract Vineyard pruning is a potential lignocellulosic feedstock for bioethanol production from agricultural woody residues, due to its high sugar content and ready availability in whole Europe.Expand
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Albedo control as an effective strategy to tackle Global Warming: A case study
Recent research developments focused on Climate Change issue aimed at achieving Kyoto targets. In this context, an innovative methodology (officially recognized by WEC in 2009) is proposed toExpand
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Comparison of ORC Turbine and Stirling Engine to Produce Electricity from Gasified Poultry Waste
The Biomass Research Centre, section of CIRIAF, has recently developed a biomass boiler (300 kW thermal powered), fed by the poultry manure collected in a nearby livestock. All the thermalExpand
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