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“Unceasing Pressure for Penetration”: Gender, Pathology, and Emotion in George Kennan's Formation of the Cold War
In the New York Times Book Review of April 7, 1996, Fareed Zakaria, managing editor of Foreign Affairs, reviewed the latest book by George E Kennan, the ninetytwo-year-old former diplomat and authorExpand
Explaining the History of American Foreign Relations: Reading for Meaning : Theory, Language, and Metaphor
Let us start with two sentences that interpret an event. First, “the missile struck the target in a clean hit.” Second, “The ceiling of the factory burst open, and most of the people working thereExpand
American Foreign Policy in the "Nut Cracker": The United States and Poland in the 1920s
RECENT SCHOLARS HAVE resurrected Senator Henry Cabot Lodge's claim in 1924 that the United States "has never been isolated, never can be isolated, and has no desire to be isolated."' AmericanExpand
Roosevelt's Lost Alliances: How Personal Politics Helped Start the Cold War
Introduction 1 CHAPTER 1: A Portrait of the Allies as Young Men: Franklin, Winston, and Koba 21 CHAPTER 2: From Missy to Molotov: The Women and Men Who Sustained the Big Three 58 CHAPTER 3: TheExpand
"Awkward dominion. American political, economic and cultural relations with Europe 1919-1933", Frank Costigliola, London 1984 : [recenzja] / Bogusław Winid.
In Awkward Dominion, Frank Costigliola offers a striking interpretation of the emergence of the United States as a world power in the 1920s, a period in which the country faced both burdens andExpand