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Introduction of a rabbit β-globin gene into the mouse germ line
The introduction of cloned foreign genes into cultured mammalian cells1–7 has been used to identify DNA sequences required for correct transcription in vivo8–10. It is not clear, however, to whatExpand
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A foreign β-globin gene in transgenic mice: Integration at abnormal chromosomal positions and expression in inappropriate tissues
We have investigated the chromosomal location, inheritance, and expression of a cloned rabbit beta-globin gene introduced into the mouse germ line by microinjection into mouse eggs. ExperimentsExpand
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Specific representation of cloned repetitive DNA sequences in sea urchin RNAs
Nine cloned repetitive sequences were labeled, strands-separated and individually hybridized with RNA extracted from the nuclei of gastrula stage sea urchin embryos and of adult sea urchin intestineExpand
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Message sequences and short repetitive sequences are interspersed in sea urchin egg poly(A)+ RNAs
At least half of the mass and most of the different single-copy maternal mRNA sequences in the egg are covalently associated with transcripts of short repetitive sequences. Only a restricted group ofExpand
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Repetitive sequence transcripts in the mature sea urchin oocyte
The expression of interspersed repetitive sequences in the RNA of mature sea urchin oocytes was investigated. 3H-DNA tracers representing short interspersed repetitive sequences a few hundredExpand
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Evolutionary conservation of repetitive sequence expression in sea urchin egg RNA's.
Cloned repetitive DNA sequences were used to determine the number of homologous RNA transcripts in the eggs of two sea urchin species, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus and S. franciscanus. The eggs ofExpand
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Gene transfer into the mouse germ‐line
A cloned rabbit DNA fragment containing the adult β‐globin gene has been introduced into the mouse germ‐line by DNA microinjection into the pronuclei of fertilized mouse eggs. Twenty‐four adult miceExpand
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Structure and expression of foreign globin genes in transgenic mice.
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Studies of repetitive sequence transcripts in the sea urchin
The nature of transcripts from repetitive DNA sequences in the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, is investigated. Hybridization experiments utilizing individual cloned repeat sequences, asExpand
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