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Mercury accumulation in fish species along the Portuguese coast: Are there potential risks to human health?
The mercury content was far below the European Food Safety Authority and World Health Organization food safety thresholds in all species, highlighting the low risk to human health due to the ingestion of these species and the importance of consumer options for risk reduction. Expand
Application of acetolysis in phytoliths extraction
The results indicate the efficacy of acetolysis in isolating phytoliths from botanical samples, providing a clear surface to the detailed analysis on its ornamentation. Expand
Inventory of benthic macroinvertebrates diversity in the Peti Environmental Station Reservoir of Minas Gerais, Brazil
The evaluation of the distribution and structure of the benthic community showed that the quality of the reservoir’s water is preserved, because there was no predominance of bad quality indicator organisms. Expand
Silica bodies and their systematic implications at the subfamily level in Podostemaceae
Podostemaceae is a family of eudicotyledonous rheophytes with unique morphology, sometimes resembling algae, lichens or bryophytes. This study evaluates the taxonomic value of silica-body morphologyExpand
First report of osmophores and wet stigma in Podostemaceae with notes on floral biology and pollination of Weddellina squamulosa Tul.
W. squamulosa flowers can attract floral visitors, and others contribute to spontaneous self-pollination, but there is no evidence for anemophily in this species, which indicated the importance of a combined approach using floral biology and anatomy to determine the presence of osmophores. Expand
Influence of oceanic and climate conditions on the early life history of European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax.
It is observed that sea surface temperature, the North Atlantic Oscillation index (NAOi) and Chlorophyll-a (Chla) were the main drivers behind the inter-annual variability in seabass hatch day and early-life growth patterns over a seven-year period in the Atlantic Iberian coast. Expand
Contrasting links between growth and survival in the early life stages of two flatfish species
Both growth and larval traits variation during the studied period were strongly related with temperature, highlighting the importance of early growth for fish survival and contributes with key information on fish early life stages that will support a better management of fish stocks. Expand