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New terpenoids from Maytenus apurimacensis as MDR reversal agents in the parasite Leishmania.
The novel beta-dihydroagarofurans are the first sesquiterpenes with a basic polyhydroxy skeleton of 15-deoxyalatol and 4,15-dideoxy alatol that show high MDR reversing activity in the protozoan parasite Leishmania tropica. Expand
Leishmanicidal and reversal multidrug resistance constituents from Aeonium lindleyi.
5,3'-Dihydroxy-3,7,4',5'-tetramethoxyflavone (8) and combretol (9) showed moderate activity (growth inhibition 87.3 and 73.0 %, respectively, at 50 µM) against a multidrug-resistant L. tropica line. Expand